Human beings can get tired, and get lazy too. So what's the solution to this problem? AI can never be sloppy at work, we need to program machines to do all the repetitive and boring tasks.

Artificial Intelligence is a combination of two words Artificial and Intelligence, which refers to man-made intelligence. Therefore, when machines are equipped with man-made intelligence to perform intelligent tasks similar to humans, it is known as Artificial Intelligence. It is all about developing intelligent machines that can simulate the human brain and work & behave like human beings.

In this course you will learn how to create AI based computer vision projects. This course require python skills so if you don't have them, please check out the "Junior Creative Developer - Python ".

This course includes 
  • Hands-On Learning with Devices
  • Advanced Python Programming
  • Creating Webcam Games
  • Face Detection
  • Virtual Painting 

Benefits of this Program

This program deals with complex algorithms simplified for the young innovators of AI. With this course the student has improved decision making ability and advanced scripting skills. 

Other Advantages

This program also works on improving the child critical thinking skill, logical understanding, sequential orders, social skills, computer fluency.

Why ForLoop?

At ForLoop we enhance your child’s coding experience by keeping them in the knowledge loop. Our interactive setup and inquiry-based instruction style will lead kids up in the learning curve. Stay up in this course and your kid will stay ahead in all the challenges that will be placed in the 21st century. On completing this course the student will unlock courses in to advanced programming. Please note that the student will be automatically enrolled to the next course as it is an integrated program 

This course includes a Guided Capstone project