Our world is constantly changing, and Engineering for kids are at the forefront of this change. Engineering is a truly interdisciplinary space using Electronics, Robotics, AI, Data Science, Coding, Design and more.

In our program of hands-on Modern Engineering class your child will learn how to design, build and code their very own first robot. Our young inventors learn various aspects of Modern Engineering from understanding how the sensors work to how the robots react in various conditions.

In the Foundation of Modern Engineering our students will be introduced to electronics and mechanics. With the help of this program the student can then progress to a Robotics Program which will allow them to build their own robot and program it.

This Course Includes

  • Microcontrollers (Embedded System)
  • Visual Block Programming (Software) 
  • Sensors and Signals (Hardware)
  • Robot Navigation (Control)
  • Robot Design (Mechanics)

In this program your child will build 2 capstone projects.

Benefits of this Program

This program builds the students ability to understand the modern day engineering concepts with hands-on experience. The students work in groups and are challenged with various tasks. During these task they learn the importance of team-work. 

Other Advantages

This program also works on improving the child critical thinking skill, logical understanding, sequential orders, social skills, computer fluency.

Why ForLoop?

At ForLoop we enhance your child’s coding experience by keeping them in the knowledge loop. Our interactive setup and inquiry-based instruction style will lead kids up in the learning curve. Stay up in this course and your kid will stay ahead in all the challenges that will be placed in the 21st century. On completing this course the student will unlock courses including “Junior Python Expert” and “Junior Web Developer”. Please note that the student will be automatically enrolled to the next course as it is an integrated program 

In this program your child will have activity based learning every session.