Let your child learn how to code Mobile Applications and contribute to the billions of apps that are created for various smartphone devices. Coding Mobile apps has been a dream for young innovators for a long time and now the wait is over.

The students will learn how to design and program the applications that they create with a fun-learning experience. Student will practice the development on a live smartphone. This course will be based on block based programming platform which makes the young innovators focus on the goal and not on coding syntax.

They will learn about
  • Designing Mobile Applications (User Interface)
  • Display Information and Event Handling
  • Using Device Sensors (Touch Screen, gyroscope, camera, GPS and more)

The students will be guided for their capstone project which will be an app of their own. 

(This course is unlocked only on completing the Junior Creative Developer or having any previous coding experience)

Benefits of this Program

This program enhances the child's potential to think about real world problems and come up with practical solutions. The interactive simulation of their app and live preview makes it very convenient for the child to code the mobile applications. The students go through a learning process which boosts their critical thinking skill puts them a step ahead in the 21st Century.

Other Advantages

This program also works on improving the child critical thinking skill, logical understanding, sequential orders, social skills, computer fluency.

Why ForLoop?

At ForLoop we enhance your child’s coding experience by keeping them in the knowledge loop. Our interactive setup and inquiry-based instruction style will lead kids up in the learning curve. Stay up in this course and your kid will stay ahead in all the challenges that will be placed in the 21st century. On completing this course the student will unlock courses including “Junior Python Expert” and “Junior Web Developer”. Please note that the student will be automatically enrolled to the next course as it is an integrated program 

In this program your child will have activity based learning every session.