Learn coding should be made easier hence we lay the foundation with block-coding. The simple visual blocks of code that allow drag and drop make it easy for the explorers to learn coding more conveniently. This makes the kids focus on the learning core, building logics, computations and other concepts without any frustration of having to type and face errors in Coding.

An error here can lead you to another unexplored discovery!

This Course Includes
Learning coding is much about computational thinking, creativity and critical thinking rather than just typing code.
  • Digital Designing (Sprites)
  • Sequencing (Functions) 
  • Arithmetic Logic  (Operations)
  • Build Interfaces (Control)
  • Code Games and Apps(Projects)

Benefits of this Program

The program boost the child imagination skill and pushes the boundaries of creativity. In this process the child develops his own creation and animation using coding. The unlimited possibilities improve the child's creative side along with logical thinking and reasoning. This foundation course is the elementary program so that the child explores his potential.

Other Advantages

This program also works on improving the child critical thinking skill, logical understanding, sequential orders, social skills, computer fluency.

Why ForLoop?

At ForLoop we enhance your child’s coding experience by keeping them in the learning loop. Our interactive setup and inquiry-based instruction style will lead kids up in the learning curve. Stay up in this and your kid will stay ahead in all the challenges that will be placed in the 21st century. 

In this program your child will have activity based learning every session.